The Eater of Sins: A Waking Dream Novel

White Waking DreamSin is the very thing that prohibits one for becoming Immortal.  One cannot transcend being the cycle of reincarnation, without first devoting one’s existence to observing the word of the Weird.  Thus, the Beast was created to cleanse the world of sin.

Jonathan Wilkinson was a medical doctor in 1888 when his life change irrevocably on one cold November night in the streets of London, after he had committed his fifth murder.  His victim lie mutilated before him as he contemplated the offer of the Beast — The Eater of Sins.

Heed the words of Jonathan as he relays his tale of being host to a force akin to the devil as he purges the sin from those unlucky enough to be noticed.  But in return for his service to the Beast, Jonathan is immortal until the time comes when he is no longer needed.

The Eater of Sins is an ancillary novel to the Waking Dream Series.  Look for it in 2014


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