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The Thing in my Apartment

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Greetings Dreamers!

I have some new about that spidery tentacle thing that I accidentally released from the Spaces Between into our Waking Dream.  (Sorry about that, really, my bad)

Laertes believes that this particular entity is called a Gtthak, or Soul Prison.  And unfortunately, it gets bigger the more things it consumes — and they are stored alive inside its body so that it can feed off the victim’s Weirdness.  Yeah, I know, pretty terrible. (Sorry Mr. Giggles *sigh*)

So I have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that it escaped my apartment — evidently once it has consumed something in the Waking Dream, it can build up enough Weirdness to move through any physical object.  So while I was watching it last night, from the balcony — it shrieked something at me then fell through the floor and was gone.  Yep, right through the floor.  I wonder if any of my neighbors saw it, since I’m on the 10th floor.  Hmm.

Anyway, the GOOD news is that it will not stay in the city and will probably seek a natural pool of Weirdness — they exist all over the place, usually graveyards or places where there have been a disproportionate amount of death in a particular area.  And they aren’t very fond of being seen, and they only attack as needed.  So don’t be too alarmed if you live in the cities — unless you live near a large graveyard in the Baltimore area.  Laertes thinks he has a pretty good idea where its going, and it will probably not stay anywhere near a big city.  It’s probably headed up into the Appalachians for privacy.  Things from the Spaces Between are very particular, evidently.

Now, if you are confronted by the Gtthak, do not show fear. I know that’s a really stupid thing to say considering by the time one of you encounters it, it will probably be bigger than an elephant, but with black tentacles coming out its torso from all directions, glowing blue eyes and a gaping maw oozing viscous, sticky saliva.  Yeah, I peed a little when I saw it had doubled in size after capture poor Mr. Giggles.

Oh, and I probably should mention…it attacks from below, usually grabbing you with one of its tentacles and tossing you neatly into its toothless mouth, like a gumdrop.  But, hey, there’s always a chance you can escape because anything is possible.  Maybe you’ll sense it coming and be able to get away.  But if you are unlucky enough to be consumed, you do have a chance at rescue at some point.  Basically, you will live inside its stomach in these organic cells filled with some sort of goo that will keep you alive and in a suspended state.  Fortunately, that does not keep you from escaping to the Sleeping Dream until the entire ordeal can be sorted out.

I’m pretty bummed about all this, but I have learned some valuable lessons as a result.  Hopefully this experience will have a positive outcome of some variety! I miss Mr. Giggles, I gotta tell you.

Anyway, last words on all this.  Avoid graveyards, don’t vacation in the mountains, and pay attention.  The weeks and months and years to come are going to be crazy — seriously, Weirdness and Crazy go hand in hand like chicken and dumplings.

I’ll keep you informed as I learn things.

The Crier

p.s. if you happen to slay this creature, please save Mr. Giggles and email me so we can arrange a pick-up.  Thanks in Advance!

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The Weirdness Experiment

My Weirdness ExperimentRe-blogged from Way of the Weird

For those of you who are new to understanding and finding your weirdness, I have a little experiment for you to consider.

There are so many things that we do not understand in our universe, and when you awaken to the fact that the world is just a waking dream, it may be hard to suspend your disbelief. That is the key to it all, you must believe what you previously were not to believe. We as humans tend to block out the unexplainable, such as ghosts, psychic ability, prescience, witchcraft, Wicca and other aspects of the occult. The word occult, comes from the Latin word occultus, which means hidden, secret or clandestine. It has been hidden because not everyone should possess ability to practice the occult, especially sleepers. The journey for the Dreamer is to find what has been hidden. This is not to say that it will be easy — finding your own particular weirdness is part of the journey.

Now to the experiment. Here are a few easy steps to just begin:

1) Suspend your disbelief and think on what occult ability you may have. Can you read auras? Can you commune with Spirits? Feel drawn to learning the Tarot? Want to try your hand at Voodoo? You can choose a few if you like, but, it is always better to be excellent at one thing, rather than marginal in a few things.

2) Pick up a journal that you keep to yourself. This experiment can be done solitary or with another known Dreamer you trust, but you should always keep your thoughts hidden from others on your progress. Disbelief by others can affect the outcome of your own learning. Sleepers and unawakened Dreamers will roll their eyes at you, or fear you. This will only hinder your learning.

3) Once you’ve chosen your particular experiment, first you should get a guidebook on the area you’ve chosen. Idiot guides are by far the best and cheapest way to find out if a particular area of interest is up your alley, and whether you have the patience and focus to pursue it. Like any skill, Weirdness must be honed and it take time. If you are easily frustrated, you may never master your weirdness. It will not happen overnight, or it may, it really depends on how strongly you believe.

4) After you’ve read about the flavor of Weirdness that appeals to you most, gather your materials and start small. Again, even if you are interested, you may find that something is not quite for you, so it is smart to start small then grow your craft as you become more adept at using your Weirdness. Some simple areas you can start with that are cheap and readily available are: Aura Reading, Alchemy, Tarot Reading and Communing with Spirits.

5) Once you’ve begun to practice, you should keep careful notes on how you achieved certain effects. I suggest writing daily. Write down everything that seems to be out of the ordinary and trust your intuition. Suspend your disbelief on a daily basis. The Weird acts as subtly as a ripple in a pond, so you may more may not notice it immediately, depend on the size of the pebble tossed into the still waters of your Weirdness. Pay attention.

There are many places in the world where you can go to learn from others, but above all, the best place to visit to explore all of the possible Weirdnesses in the world is New Orleans. A city of Dreamers hidden in plain sight, and the most powerful center of concentrated Weirdness on the planet. I highly suggest that you visit it at least one time in your life. It was the place I awakened, simply because the experience was so overwhelming.

I will speak again soon
The Crier


Way of the Weird

Way of the Weird

Way of the Weird is an attempt to distill all religions, philosophical disciplines and quantum physics into an easy to understand way of viewing the elegance of our universe. It is clear that the time for religion has come to an end, as it has done nothing but cause polarization in our world. As aptly stated by the Dalai Lama:

“All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate. This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.”

Way of the Weird is the basis for a series of novels I am writing where people can realize — becoming awakened or enlightened — that the world we have is a product of our imaginations, and a product of the things we allow to happen.

Give the Libellus Somnium a read, and see spread the word if you believe the world can be a dream and not the nightmare it has become.


Finding your Weirdness

Many of you who have been frequenting The Way of the Weird have asked “Is this real or fiction?”. It is both. The philosophical aspects of the Waking Dream are rooted in real explorations of world religion, science and other philosophical disciplines, both eastern and western. This site serves as an addendum to the Waking Dream Novels, but also as a way to expose people to the elegance of our existence and the power within each of us to have our dreams come true.

The Weird is an attempt to explain all the things we do not understand about our universe, and present it in such a way that we realize how we can use it. It has been called many things throughout human history — Tao, The Force, The Field, The Ether, Dark Energy, The Holy Spirit and Magic. And we can use The Weird through an ability, or effect, I call Weirdness — after Quantum Weirdness.

Finding your Weirdness requires a leap of faith — like anything, you must believe you can do it before you can use it. Many people have found their Weirdness, by Awakening to the fact that the universe is fundamentally Weird and there are strange things that exist all around us, but we simply do not understand them. And, to further confuse us, we are constantly told that these strange things are simply products of the mind — mass hysteria or insanity. This is absolutely not true. It is well known that at the quantum level, nothing is certain, and it is very strange and makes little or no sense. And as humans often do, we ignore it or classify it as impossible. But, as Heisenberg found, nothing is truly impossible, its just merely improbable. And we are finding things like this in our scientific research as we become more educated and look deeper into the structure of the universe. It is a very Weird universe.

There are many examples of humans exhibiting Weirdness each and every day. People have inexplicable abilities, such as psychics, empaths, remote viewers, gurus and illusionists. And there are people with seemingly normal abilities that are merely acts of Weirdness, such as people with formidable charisma that are able to convince hundreds and thousands of people to follow their ideals, whether they are sane or insane — constructive or destructive.

With that as a basis, you first must accept that there is such a thing as Weirdness. And if you believe that, you have taken your first step towards Awakening — and thus are able to start finding what your Weirdness truly is. But its not easy. Finding your Weirdness can be a lifelong journey, or it can be something that you stumble upon by accident. But once you have found it, you then need to learn how to use it to affect the world around you, while adhering to the Logos of the Weird — the tenets that should guide us to a peaceful existence in which we create a beautiful dream for us all, and not the seemingly nightmarish world we’ve created for ourselves.

There are many ways to explore this for yourself.

  • Investigate world religions, both past and present, and understand how they are similar and dissimilar.
  • Contemplate world philosophies and find the ones that ring truest with you.
  • Learn about the universe and the quantum realm.

I have come to understand that the Weirdness is a very real thing, and we are constantly told to ignore it. We are made to doubt our own beliefs, or question our own lives. Your life is shaped by your Weirdness. It is about taking personal responsibility for the course of your life and not allowing others to lead you do their paths for their own selfish reasons. The Weirdness has become less and less apparent throughout the centuries because we have become banal — or made to think that way. And I believe that the more people who embrace the notion that the world can be a better Dream, and that we have our own Weirdness, those who disbelieve won’t be able to suppress it any more.

Take a moment and look at the world news, look at your local city, look within your communities. War, hatred, bombings, mass shootings, organized crime, child abuse, zealots. Why does everyone accept the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse so readily. Why is doomsday prepping so popular? Why does everyone see the world falling apart? Its because we have not embraced our weirdness — We’ve allowed those who have awakened to lead us down their paths, and their paths have become destructive.

Don’t take my word for it, look around you. Explore yourself. Are you a Dreamer? Have you Awakened? And have you found how to use your Weirdness? Life can be amazing and simple for us all. But we need more people to believe this. The Way of the Weird is merely a pebble dropped in an enormous pond. More of us need to embrace it as a reality. Read the Libellus, find others who want to make the world better, tell others about it. The more who believe, the more we can make a difference.

I will speak again soon.

The Crier

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The Seers in the Darkness

As many awakened Dreamers may have noticed, their ability to manipulate the Waking Dream has increased dramatically. We can only speculate that the events that transpired a few short months ago released an enormous amount of Weirdness into our world, making our abilities perform more profoundly. As a result, a new lost book has been rediscovered by Laertes, an ancient scroll that predates the Christian era, and was written in the Language of the Weird.

Over the past few weeks, Laertes was able to translate the document into something useful, which adds a new wrinkle to the events transpiring in the world today. A whole new group of Dreamers has emerged from the Weird, and we are unsure what their intentions are. However, this new revelation, “The Book of Seers“, has given us even more to think about.

There are so many things we have been blind to over the course of human history. We have allowed ourselves to be lulled into blissful ignorance by the banality of the Sleepers, so much so that there are so few of the Dreamers who have actually Awakened to assist in the impending war. However, The Book of Seers conveys the story of an order of Dreamers who have an amazing ability to see the complex fabric of the Weird — which most of the rest of us cannot see, no matter how powerful.

I urge you to read this new addition, as it contains possible clues to the nature of the Waking Dream and the origin of the Weird itself.

We will speak again soon.

The Crier

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The Book of Evolution :: Reblogged from Way of the Weird

Greetings Dreamers.

I apologize for being AWOL for a short time, but two new pieces of the Libellus Somnium was recovered by Laertes. I have been working with Arthur and Laertes to format them and get them posted here for all of you to read.

They were written in the ancient language of the Weird, known as Loethian. And they were recently…acquired…from a source that we’ll not discuss at this time. However, they are original documents and date back to about 7000 years ago. As the world undergoes the Transformation, more information has become available as a matter of necessity. We want to know what’s going on – everyone wants to know what’s going on. We need to understand the events in order to survive them.

The Book of Evolution finally explains the relationship between Evolution, The Creator and Intelligent Design. It explains how all of these things can exist concurrently. And no matter what religion, or non-religion you practice, these findings cannot be disputed without concrete evidence — which only exists in a state of which we are unaware.

Pretty crazy huh? I’m still trying to process this particular passage. Maybe you’ll have a better understanding than I did. I still think my brain is broke.

I give you The Book of Evolution. Share your thoughts.

I’ll speak to you soon.

The Crier

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Coexistence :: Reblogged from Way of the Weird

I’ve been reading the Libellus pretty hard now. And I have to tell you, that there are some unnecessary things we allow to exist in our Waking Dream.

What does it mean to Coexist? Well, from what I can gather, it means that we have to be mutually respectful to each person’s pursuit of the Dream. If you are encroaching on another person’s joy or Dream, you are not being respectful. But it is much more than that.

We have to stop with the categorization of people by physical characteristics, beliefs or pursuits. At the end of the day, what does skin color have to do with anything? What does it matter what country you come from or were born in? What differences does it matter which sexual orientation you chose? These preconceived separations are products of the False Teachers, those who want to splinter us for their own seditious aims — except we are rebelling against one another rather than those who are putting these crazy thoughts in our heads. And though Sleepers and Dreamers have different roles in the universe, they are the same and should treat each other with mutual respect — though the Sleepers don’t know that they are Sleepers.

We have mired ourselves down with labeling people — that should not ever be something we waste our time with. Skin color is a function of climate. Culture is a function social influence. Sexuality is a predisposition, just as some people like blue and others prefer red. But who among us truly has the right to tell anyone what they should and should not like?

Religion is the most difficult and polarizing aspects of human interactions. And it has been the cause of many conflicts over the course of human history. This is due to the result that each religion believes that theirs is correct, but, they can’t possibly know the mind of the Creator. And that is where we have fallen on many occasions. So many wars and needless deaths in the name of the Creator. Is this truly what he wants?

I guess, what I’m trying to say, is that we waste a lot of time trying defending our differences when all we need to be doing is getting along and trying to work on creating a Dream that works for us all. And now is the time to start paying attention, because in case you hadn’t noticed, things are getting crazy out there. We must stop judging one another, or trying to put constraints on one another. You are ultimately responsible for your actions, and your actions alone. Treat someone else’s pursuits with respect, and respect will ultimately be returned.

I’ll talk to you soon.

The Crier

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These Things Happen :: Reblogged From Way of the Weird

One thing I have realized is that it is exceedingly hard to Awaken — let alone becoming Immortal. I’ve added all the information from the Libellus Somnium to this site as a reference, and as I get more information from Laertes and other Immortals, I will post it for you to read — time is of the essence.

You really need to pay attention to how you use your Weirdness, once you’ve discovered it. Boy, did I find that out the hard way. I tried to exert my will over a Sleeper the other day, and didn’t realize that he was carrying a concealed weapon. Long story short, I’m okay and it was only a flesh wound — stitches itch like crazy though. I did find out that I can run like the wind when necessary.

You really should take some time to read the Libellus, because if you have stumbled upon this site, you are indeed a dreamer. The act of reading the Libellus may actually awaken you, and you’ll realize that you have a role in this just as much as the rest of the Dreamers. Or, you can simply ignore the things I am saying and move on with your life, blissfully unaware that the end is coming and just ride out the storm. But I wouldn’t advise it. A transformation is never fun. Remember the Black Death? Well that decimated the world population by as much as 30%. Do you think that was an accident? It was the first biological warfare attack on the world populace by none other than you know who, the Shadow Lord. He did a pretty good job with it too, just didn’t count on immunities and such.

We don’t know who is behind the current transformation, because it’s not happening on its own, it’s happening because someone wants to decimate the world population for reasons I don’t really understand — though Laertes and Arthur are trying to bring me up to speed. When the Beast left me, he took some of my memories with him. But we have two candidates, Gabryal and Deakin. Deakin Droon is out of his f-ing mind, and Gabryal is just as ass. You’d think that after living for like 3 or 4 thousand years, he’d get over it already. Nope, just made him more angry.

And now that he’s found away around his Banishment — what happens when you irritate the rest of the Immortals — and has returned prematurely, so he either has help, or he’s been planning his craziness for a very long time. So you really should be wary at this point.

I’ll leave you to ponder all that now. I’ll talk to you soon.

The Crier

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What is the Waking Dream?

I’ve been asked many times “What exactly are you trying to do with the Waking Dream Universe?”

I have actually been working on the Waking Dream Universe for about 15 years. It is the product of the many years I’ve spent studying religion, philosophy, cosmology and Quantum Mechanics. I wanted to write a series of novels that blurred all the lines between what is real and what is not, because when you really get down to it — can you actually describe reality? How do you know that what you are seeing is real? And, what if we had this innate ability to change it?

The Waking Dream is the universe — a place where we are free to create whatever we want and make our lives whatever we want. There are three types of beings in the universe — Dreamers, Sleepers and Immortals.

Dreamers are those of us who have the ability to use a primordial force known as the Weird — which is just my distillation of all the nebulous concepts that from throughout history such as the Tao, the Holy Spirit, the Akashic Record, the Force. It is the clay from which we mold the world. Dreamers have an ability called Weirdness, which allows them to affect the world around them in a very similar way to magick. But, a Dreamer cannot begin to use this ability until they realize that they are a Dreamer. They come into the world through a form of reincarnation. This is where the Sleepers come in.

Sleepers are merely those that have no ability to change the world around them. They breed and spread like the rest of the animals in the world, and their purpose is to fulfill the will of the Dreamers. And, they serve as reincarnation vessels for the Dreamers. When a Dreamer dies, they return to my form of the afterlife known as the Spaces Between. From there, they choose a Sleeper they wish to inhabit, and forget all of their previous lives [except at a subconscious level] and begin life all over again, trying to Awaken their Weirdness. Think of it as assuming a character in a game, yet you don’t know you are playing a game. And once you Awaken, you realize that there is something much more profound behind it all — Immortality.

All Dreamers are innately Immortal in spirit. A Dreamer can become Immortal and once that happens, they no longer forget who they are when they die and return. The bodies of the Sleepers are not Immortal, only the Dreamer soul that inhabits them. But, when they die, they can return and remember all of their experiences from past lives, and command greater control over the Weird.

The Waking Dream is the entire universe. Earth is special because it was the first planet in the universe to become inhabited by Dreamers. But there are countless other worlds where Dreamers and Immortals exist. However, Immortals are bound to their home planet — the place where they first became Immortal. And once the Earth is gone, they will be free to explore other worlds, but they’ll begin the process of becoming Immortal all over again.

I hope this gives you enough information to decide if the Waking Dream series intrigues you enough to follow me on this journey.

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Added to AuthorDB and New Amazon Review for My Books

I have been added to the where I have listed many of the reviews for my book. You can also see a full listing of my reviews on Amazon, with my average rating being 5 stars at this link.

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