Tales of the Weird Series #1

Waking DreamGreetings, Dreamers!

I thought I would interject something different today before I complete The Universe series.  As some of you may know, the first novel in my dark fantasy series is due out September 22nd.

I have two sites devoted to the series.  First is WakingDreamOnline.Com which is about the two books coming this year — one is a novel and the second is a collection of short stories due on Halloween.  The second site is called WayOfTheWeird.Com and it is written from the perspective of one of the characters in my book, who spends his time to convince the reader that the universe is nothing more than a Waking Dream.

Today I’ve launched a new series of flash fiction related to the Waking Dream series itself.  There is a great deal of content on that site, much of which is a distillation of all the things I’ve come to understand about life, religion and science.

The first story is called “The Master of Puppets”

This story is about a man who has the ability to animate dead corpses and enslave them to his will.  This character will also appear in subsequent novels as dark plots are uncovered through the course of the first and second trilogies in the series.

I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to critique.  Happy Friday!


Author Portal Launched

michael hibbardI am happy to announce the launch of my author site which is the portal to all things related to me, my books and my other projects.

This site will grow to encompass all my works, even beyond the Waking Dream series. I thank you all for your constant support, and I look forward to releasing my first novel in September.  My second book is a collection of short stories to further explore the Waking Dream while I finish writing Book II — The Unkindness.

If you are interested in reviewing the book on your blog, or website, early eBook versions will be made available to serious inquirers.  I will give away up to 50 review copies.  If you want to review the book, please send me an email at or a mention on twitter @arkangyl [Please no DMs]