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Immortal Memories is now on Sale!

Immortal MemoriesGreetings Dreamers!

Immortal Memories is now on sale at an introductory Kindle price of $2.99 and in paperback at $7.99.

You can read all about the book here.

This is a new edition with two new tales!  Also, in addition to the book, we will be doing another batch of custom Blood Dolls, which are featured in the book.  You can order your very own uniquely named and hand-made doll at this link.

MeresinEach doll has a tag with a name assigned by me, and they are all hand-made, each slightly different from the last making them a true collectible! They can sit and stand and measure 13 inches in length.

They take 4-6 weeks to arrive, but they are well worth the wait.  The doll is made exclusively through Southern Gothica.


Blood Dolls are Now on Sale!

MeresinI am happy to announce that the limited run of Blood Dolls, hand crafted by Southern Gothica, are now on sale.  Please visit the following link for ordering information!

Only 55 will be made this run!  The next run will be available before Christmas, so if you don’t get one this time, you’ll be placed on the waiting list.