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Welcome to Devlin

DevlinGreetings, Dreamers!

With the release of my book, Devlin, I wanted to tell you a little more about it to give you an idea of what you are in for.

If you happen to be traveling in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, north of Charlottesville, you may be strangely dawn to a tiny, hidden town, nestled far away from the bustle of the modern world.  Its cobbled streets are lined with an eclectic collection of homes and buildings, adding to the uniqueness of the town itself.  From the quaint shops that line Rowe Street, to the Gothic Church of St. Michael, to the Autumn House Bed and Breakfast, Devlin is picturesque, peaceful and pastoral.

It has been hidden away from the world for over two centuries, and when I say hidden, I mean that only certain people can find it, and only if the town wants to be found.  Life has continued this way for the people of Devlin since the late 1700s, living self-sufficiently in peace and harmony, but that is about to change.

Beginning this Autumn, the people of Devlin uncover the truth behind the establishment of their town and discover an ancient plot that has spanned centuries, threatening the very existence of their town and the rest of the world. And as the town performs their yearly Halloween ritual, the world will never be the same.

Devlin is much more than dark fantasy.  It has elements of horror, paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical.  Devlin has something for everyone.  I am an avid gamer; console, PC and role-play. The Waking Dream is nothing more than an exploration of our reality as a cosmic game. You can read more about the Waking Dream Universe in the following posts.

  1. The Story of Creation
  2. The Story of Immortality
  3. Of Sleepers and Dreamers
  4. The Way of the Weird
  5. The Three Realms

Devlin is on sale on Amazon and on all eBook readers.


Waking Dream: Devlin Released

Devlin CoverWhat if the entire universe was nothing more than a Waking Dream?

Michael Hibbard explores this question with the released of his first novel in a new epic dark fantasy series called the Waking Dream. The first book is Waking Dream: Devlin Book I and is the first a series of 9 novels, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality – fiction and non-fiction.

High up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, a small town filled with strange inhabitants will decide the fate of our entire future. The town of Devlin had remained hidden from the rest of the world for centuries through a strange, ill-understood force known as the Weird — the fundamental force which allows our reality to be manipulated and molded to the will of those who can understand it.

Devlin is where the Great Transformation will begin, a cycle that has repeated itself since the Hadean period of our small planet. The truth will be exposed that all of reality is nothing more than a Waking Dream. It has been known for the last several centuries that our world will face another transformation so profound that nothing will be left untouched, unchanged or unaffected. For thousands of years, the five prime immortals who inhabit our planet have been at war with humans and each other, driven by seditious plans centered on one primary goal – complete control of the Waking Dream. Though they each have their own plans for dominance, four of them will unite against the one who aims to destroy all life as we know it — the Lord of Shadow, Gabryal.

The struggle for the control of reality has begun — Embrace your Weirdness and change the world.

Available for Kindle, Nook and in Trade Paperback

About the Author

Michael Hibbard (1970 – ) was born in New Jersey and has lived up and down the east coast. For 15 years he has been researching, illustrating and writing about an alternate version of our reality called the Waking Dream Universe. The ideas for the Waking Dream came from many years of role-playing, philosophical study, theological study and trying to understand the weird world of Quantum Mechanics. The Waking Dream series is his only focus as a writer. Immortal Memories, a collection of stories related to the series is available now in Trade Paperback and on Kindle. Free stories and additional bonus content are available on his website — You can also follow him on twitter @arkangyl