Reviews for Devlin

Issac Green – Amazon Review – 5 Stars

“I enjoyed Devlin as much as I did Immortal Memories. Many more characters were introduced in this addition and each felt hand tailored and fleshed out. It also gives the reader more insight in the the Waking Dream universe which feels like a living character itself, with many things going on within it. I am excited for the next installment as the ending will leave you wanting to know more!”

M Woisard – Amazon Review – 5 Stars

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The Author is inventive and imaginative creating a whole new perspective on the world we live within. The Waking Dream is a thought provoking look at reality with a fresh new approach to the mundane and the macabre. Do yourself a favor; if you like your horror with a twist, and your reality with a slant, then this book’s for you.”

Justin Miller – Amazon Review – 5 Stars

“From start to finish I felt that the Waking Dream was real. This beautiful work of fiction brings not just a story, but a new life philosophy to the table. That coupled with the characters and their real relationships with each other kept the book in my hands until the end. The way the characters interacted with each other was real and not forced or unbelievable like a lot of fantasy. I can’t wait to see what other Weirdness awaits in the next book. Don’t forget to share this book with friends and fellow Dreamers.”

Victoria Craven – Amazon Review – 5 Stars

“There is a town in the foothills of Virginia that, if you’re a certain sort of person–a special sort of person–you may feel yourself drawn to. You won’t know why, but once you arrive you’ll feel at home. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone there. Well, most everyone. Some people are born there. But most people find their way. And once they arrive they issue a sigh of relief to finally be home.

That place is Devlin. In Devlin everyone is a little odd. A little weird. But in a good way. All the best people are weird, right?

Take Auber Weir, for example. He’s one of the lucky ones who’s known of his Weirdness (a Dreamer) his entire life. He runs the local alchemy shop, among other things. Auber is going to be called upon to lead the town of Devlin in an ultimate battle against nefarious forces whose only wish is to cause chaos and ruin.

Luckily, Auber has several very good (and very powerful) friends on his side. Including a voodoo queen and a mysterious man named Xy with a very unusual ability. There are people on his side he hasn’t met yet, either, but who are working to stop the destruction coming.

There’s a bit of Poe and quite a bit of Lovecraft about the thing. A compelling plot, multiple inventive characters and situations and some rather gross moments (in a good way) made this one a winner. I’d definitely recommend it to fans of dark fantasy.

Devlin itself put me in mind of a grown up version of Hogsmeade. Just because you didn’t get your letter from Hogwarts doesn’t mean you can’t be Awakened to your particular ability–that can happen at any time in your life. So take heart!

The events of the book take place in the autumn and there’s magic and the lifting of the veil in a very big way so it’s the perfect book for this time of year.

Overall it was a very enjoyable, quick read. There were a few typos and missing words, especially towards the end (I read the Kindle version, I don’t know if this is true of the print version) and the epilogue felt a bit tacked on, but that could resolve itself with the next book in the series, which I will definitely read. The next book that will be coming out will be a collection of short stories that expand on some of the character’s lives in this novel.

[Full disclosure: I was given a copy of the book for free but I was under no obligation to give a positive review.]”

SNyeMoran – Amazon Review – 5 Stars

“The interwoven levels of intrigue, characters, philosophy, good and evil and time space quantum reality makes this read a delightful challenge. The author skillfully paints his story taking you from good to evil to here and there, from character to character setting the stage for each new event. You want to read faster to get to the next part but must be patient or you will loose the thread.”

Christa Marcotte – Amazon Review – 5 Stars

“My introduction to Devlin and it’s inhabitants was a refreshing walk amongst characters and settings that I can identify with on a personal level. I felt entranced into this world from the minute I began reading until the words rolled off the last page. I love to be left wanting more and that’s exactly where I am right now. Who is Deekin Droon? Will Auber and Kiri save Devlin? What will become of Tristan?

Dreamers of the world unite! There is a change in the world coming and you don’t want to be left behind…..”

TSullivanInHouston – Amazon Review – 5 Stars

“Once awakened by the indigo blue light of the weird, it is difficult to fall back to sleep.

A very well written book with highly diverse and interesting characters.

Having to wait for book two in the series will be torture.”

Ann Jurmain – Amazon Reviews – 5 Stars

“The author brought an original story to the table, a new author with new ideas. Challenged by a friend to read it, as it is not my usual genre, I was drawn right in. Contrary to my usual light reading this had me thinking, weird, immortals, spaces between. I even turned back a few pages to re-read several times and I needed a dictionary a few times ~ how wonderful! Devlin is the first in a trilogy and I am not patient. However his short stories “immortal Memories” is out in the interim. Thought provoking….. Bring on “The Unkindness””

Immortal Memories

Reviews for Immortal Memories

Anne Synder – Amazon Review – 5 Stars

“This is a fascinating set of stories by a, in my opinion, brilliant author and philosopher. What a fascinating new world I have discovered thanks to him.”

M Woisard – Amazon Review – 4 stars

“Waking Dreams – Immortal Memories
I enjoyed the collection of short stories in this series and can’t wait for more. The characters are memorable, and the stories unique and intriguing. The timelines for many of the tales give a good sense of the longevity of the Immortals, and their pivotal roles in the Waking Dream universe slowly being revealed. As a new writer on the scene Mr. Hibbard shows great promise. From the Blood Dolls with their cotton hearts, to the whispery, sensual, Fairy in Red, these tales capture the imagination, and leave you with new friends you’d like to meet again, and dark, powerful enemies you’re safer only reading about. Whether Dreamer, Sleeper, or an ancient Immortal, there is something for everyone in these dark, inventive tales. It is refreshing to see a new take on the horror/occult/paranormal genre. I look forward to the first full-length novel in this series. Write on Mr. Hibbard write on!”

Justin Miller – Amazon Review – 5 stars

“I loved each story in its own way. They all left me wanting more, and when I got to the last page on my kindle app I was sad it was over. I purchased a physical copy as well to lend to friends so they could enjoy every page as I did. I encourage all readers to share this book with at least one friend.”

Sheri Smith – Amazon Review – 5 stars

“Immortal Memories: Volume 1 by E. Michael Hibbard is extremely well written and definitely appeals to a wide range of audiences. As a result, I enjoyed all of the stories each for different reasons.

My two favorite stories are “The Fairy in Red” and “So Long, But Never Say Good-Bye” due to the aspect of romance. However, be sure to note that the stories contained in this volume are definitely not that of romance. There are tales of torture, darkness, violence, rituals, and even hapless ghost hunters. All of which certainly make this an extraordinary read!

Since some of these characters transcend time, I am eagerly awaiting additional stories to see what new adventures await them whether past, present, or future!”

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