Finding your Weirdness

Many of you who have been frequenting The Way of the Weird have asked “Is this real or fiction?”. It is both. The philosophical aspects of the Waking Dream are rooted in real explorations of world religion, science and other philosophical disciplines, both eastern and western. This site serves as an addendum to the Waking Dream Novels, but also as a way to expose people to the elegance of our existence and the power within each of us to have our dreams come true.

The Weird is an attempt to explain all the things we do not understand about our universe, and present it in such a way that we realize how we can use it. It has been called many things throughout human history — Tao, The Force, The Field, The Ether, Dark Energy, The Holy Spirit and Magic. And we can use The Weird through an ability, or effect, I call Weirdness — after Quantum Weirdness.

Finding your Weirdness requires a leap of faith — like anything, you must believe you can do it before you can use it. Many people have found their Weirdness, by Awakening to the fact that the universe is fundamentally Weird and there are strange things that exist all around us, but we simply do not understand them. And, to further confuse us, we are constantly told that these strange things are simply products of the mind — mass hysteria or insanity. This is absolutely not true. It is well known that at the quantum level, nothing is certain, and it is very strange and makes little or no sense. And as humans often do, we ignore it or classify it as impossible. But, as Heisenberg found, nothing is truly impossible, its just merely improbable. And we are finding things like this in our scientific research as we become more educated and look deeper into the structure of the universe. It is a very Weird universe.

There are many examples of humans exhibiting Weirdness each and every day. People have inexplicable abilities, such as psychics, empaths, remote viewers, gurus and illusionists. And there are people with seemingly normal abilities that are merely acts of Weirdness, such as people with formidable charisma that are able to convince hundreds and thousands of people to follow their ideals, whether they are sane or insane — constructive or destructive.

With that as a basis, you first must accept that there is such a thing as Weirdness. And if you believe that, you have taken your first step towards Awakening — and thus are able to start finding what your Weirdness truly is. But its not easy. Finding your Weirdness can be a lifelong journey, or it can be something that you stumble upon by accident. But once you have found it, you then need to learn how to use it to affect the world around you, while adhering to the Logos of the Weird — the tenets that should guide us to a peaceful existence in which we create a beautiful dream for us all, and not the seemingly nightmarish world we’ve created for ourselves.

There are many ways to explore this for yourself.

  • Investigate world religions, both past and present, and understand how they are similar and dissimilar.
  • Contemplate world philosophies and find the ones that ring truest with you.
  • Learn about the universe and the quantum realm.

I have come to understand that the Weirdness is a very real thing, and we are constantly told to ignore it. We are made to doubt our own beliefs, or question our own lives. Your life is shaped by your Weirdness. It is about taking personal responsibility for the course of your life and not allowing others to lead you do their paths for their own selfish reasons. The Weirdness has become less and less apparent throughout the centuries because we have become banal — or made to think that way. And I believe that the more people who embrace the notion that the world can be a better Dream, and that we have our own Weirdness, those who disbelieve won’t be able to suppress it any more.

Take a moment and look at the world news, look at your local city, look within your communities. War, hatred, bombings, mass shootings, organized crime, child abuse, zealots. Why does everyone accept the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse so readily. Why is doomsday prepping so popular? Why does everyone see the world falling apart? Its because we have not embraced our weirdness — We’ve allowed those who have awakened to lead us down their paths, and their paths have become destructive.

Don’t take my word for it, look around you. Explore yourself. Are you a Dreamer? Have you Awakened? And have you found how to use your Weirdness? Life can be amazing and simple for us all. But we need more people to believe this. The Way of the Weird is merely a pebble dropped in an enormous pond. More of us need to embrace it as a reality. Read the Libellus, find others who want to make the world better, tell others about it. The more who believe, the more we can make a difference.

I will speak again soon.

The Crier


New Illustrations

I have updated the Waking Dreams Illustrations Gallery with high resolution versions of my work, that I hope we will be able to use to illustrate the interior of the re-release of the books. I want to thank my friend Monica La Porta for driving so much traffic to my gallery today. Please take a moment and check out her amazing illustrations and her books at

I will add more tomorrow. Because they are watercolor, I have to account for the scanner brightness effect, which takes some time. I promise at least three more tomorrow.

All comments and critiques are welcome. Enjoy!


Waking Dream: The Unkindness Book II

The UnkindnessI thought I would take a moment to talk about the next novel in the series.

Waking Dream: The Unkindness Book II picks up where Devlin left off and thrusts the reader into a fast-paced story of deception, redemption and transformation.

The architect behind the end of the world will be exposed. New characters will be introduced to help the Dreamers of Devlin, and Dreams across the world, survive the storm brewing in the depths of shadow and transgression.

I have already begun writing Book II and I expect to release it towards the end of this year. But as a solace, many stories and ancillary information will be available on both the websites. Waking Dream and Way of the Weird

I also have some exciting news. I have been contacted by real publishers to read my manuscript. It looks like there is a very good chance that I will have a publisher within the next month. Those of you who purchased the original first editions are fortunate because those versions will be discontinued, and become collector’s items as first editions — assuming this series gains any steam in the Dark Fantasy community. So when I return to the Spaces Between, you’ll have the first ever copies of my work.

Again, I thank you all for your continued support and interest in my universe. I hope it brings you as much enjoyment reading as I enjoy writing it. There are so many places we can explore together. I hope that you will stay on the path with me, and see how the world is inevitably transformed, which is what is really happening in our world today. Perhaps, if we work together, we can awaken our weirdness’ and change the world before it’s too late.


Immortal Memories Reviews

We’ve noticed that Amazon does not allow anyone review a book unless you have a previous purchase with them.  So I’ve created a rating system and moved all current 10 reviews to the website.  If you experienced that problem and want to review the book, you can do so at the following link. Immortal Memories

I have already moved all of the reviews from Amazon over to the site so if you’ve already reviewed I thank you greatly!  We’ve sold over 400 copies in the past month, so I expect we will be getting more feedback in the next few weeks!


Why the Waking Dream

I began writing the Waking Dream stories, as well as creating characters, illustrations and a role-playing framework about 15 years ago.  I’ve been a gamer and role-player since I was 8 — I played the original Dungeons and Dragons, and I was hooked [After 6 hours of trying to understand the rules, then creating a character with one hit point that died in the first battle *never start with a wizard*]

Over the years, I have played just about every major role-playing game, both on and offline since then.  I am an avid Xbox gamer, and I when I am not writing, I am gaming [and of course spending time with my family who also game.]  What hooked me to role-playing was free-form role-play on Internet Relay Chat [IRC], and the first place I played was BlkDragon*Inn on EFNet.  There was no turning back from there.

What has always disappointed me, is the fact that many games, books and role-playing games are variations on the same theme.  Its not to suggest that other writers are not extraordinarily talented.  They have taken the themes and done wonders.  But I wanted something unique and different from the rest.  I wanted to truly create a unique universe, not just a single world varying on a multitude of worlds already created.  I want to create a new reality.

I truly enjoy playing console and PC games, but they are always limited in the story, for many obvious reasons.  The developers can only allow so much in the storyline, though some, like Skyrim and all the Elder Scrolls games, are extremely submersive.  I want to create something that will never have an ending.  There will always be something new and unique.

The Waking Dream is a culmination of all my studies, religion, philosophy, quantum mechanics, cosmology, astronomy, and literature — and so much more than that.  I believe that the Waking Dream is a new direction in literature — for many reasons.  The Immortal, One, is the beginning of a new way of thinking.  The Weirdness is a new way of interacting with our world.  And if you take a moment and watch the news its clear to see that the world is having some serious growing pains.

I believe that life imitates art, and that is because we are inspired beings — we want to experience something new, create something new, explore something new.  When you look at the list of movies “Coming Soon”, you’ll notice that there are over 12 remakes in the works.  This means we are running out of ideas, or we’ve fallen into a rut of inspiration.  It is now time to think outside the box.

The Waking Dream is a whole new genre, but I’ve put it under dark fantasy because it deals with the end of things as we know it.  The Waking Dream World will undergo a drastic change that will leave nothing unaffected — and I think that there is something similar coming for our own world, though I do not claim to have the prescience to know what that might be.

With Waking Dream, it is my commitment to my readers to lead them through a transition to a new way of thinking and interacting, and then, I will do it again.  There are 9 novels outlined for the entire series, not counting the short stories and biographies of the Immortals.  I have created over 100 characters, and I expect each of you who become submersed in the world, to contribute with your own stories.

The Waking Dream is not just about me, its about all of us.  I want others to create stories, and I will happily promote them on my site and in collections.  The Waking Dream is about exploring the possibilities, and not limiting ourselves by the ties that currently bind us.

I appreciate all of your commitments to my work.  Each fan we gain humbles me beyond words.

Enjoy the world, give me feedback, and help me build the Waking Dream so that we all can awaken our weirdness and change the world.


Waking Dream Series Roadmap

For more information check out the Waking Dream Blog at or like us on Facebook at

Just to give everyone a taste of the things to come, here is a brief summary of the books due out in 2013 and 2014.

Transformation Series

Waking Dream: Devlin Book I [Due January 2013] — This is the first novel in the Waking Dream Saga and sets the stage for the inevitable transformation, of which One prophesied. The story centers around a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia that has become an beacon to Dreamers from all over the world. Devlin is where it all begins with a plot by one of the prime Immortals summon a tidal wave of Weird that will change our world.

Waking Dream: Event Horizon Book II [Due in Fall of 2013] — This novel continues the story of how Dreamers and Immortals unite to determine which Immortal is truly responsible for the impending Transformation. They struggle to uncover a plot that was set in motion over the course of centuries. Though they cannot stop the Transformation, then must determine who best to weather the coming storm.

Waking Dream: The Unkindness Book III [Due in early 2014] — This is the culmination of the series, ending with the great transformation of the world and the unleashing of The Unkindness. Dreamers, Sleepers and Immortals struggle to survive the transformation as the world crumbles around them. With the Unkindness, things that were safely contained within the Spaces Between spill into our world, blurring the line between Dream and Nightmare.

Immortal Memories Collections

Immortal Memories: Volume II [Due in Spring of 2013] — This is a collection of stories to reveal further information about characters from Waking Dream: Devlin, and continue stories from the first collection of short stories. Who is the Fairy in Red? What happens to Justin from the Charnel House? What exactly is The Beast?


Waking Dreams: Immortal Memories

I want to thank all my loyal readers for their support and comments for this blog.

I am weeks away from publishing an anthology of tales centered around my world, Waking Dreams.  As such, I’ve removed content from this site to comply with my publisher and their exclusivity for 3 months.

If you wish to read my book, or find out more information about it, you can like us on Facebook at

Again, thank you for your readership, and I will resume posting once I’ve gotten finished with my editing.


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Pure Imagination

Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.  Take a look, and you’ll see into your imagination – Willy Wonka

As we get closer to the end of the world, ahem, I mean the elections in November, many issues are coming to light that pose significant problems for the rest of us.  But I have to say that we all have the ability to fix all of these problems, but it comes back down to taking action.  I know I’ve said before that we have the power to change the world, but I feel that I must constantly say this, because we all get distracted, disenfranchised, dissociated, depressed, detached and that leads to disbelief.  But we can do it, if we just put our minds to it.  The problem is that we are assailed with one things after the other that kills our spirit.  If you just watch ten minutes of the news, its enough to kill any positive thoughts you may have had.  We sell sorrow on the news, happy doesn’t sell ads.  People want to see death, disorder and destruction.  Why?  I do not know.

“If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.” Such a simple thought, and it is simply true.  The most amazing thing about humans, and life in general, is that it has the ability to overcome the equations that define the universe.  Gravity is constantly pulling things together, yet even a blade of grass can overcome its relentless force to grow up to the sun — whereas a lifeless rock can only roll down a hill. But let us not view gravity negatively, let us just assume that it is a mostly benevolent force that takes over in the absense of thought. And gravity gets stronger the more things cluster together.

So, to continue with this allegory, let us look at our society.  Politics, as well as social and moral order, can be viewed as gravity.  These things bind us together, we have rules to govern our lives.  We have a government because we have proven that in many cases we cannot or will not govern ourselves.  We are a society with a fleeting sense of personal responsibility.  And, because we cannot govern ourselves, we have created a tangled web of limiting rules, that have not only limited our actions, they have limited our sense of creativity.  And like gravity, laws and rules have taken over in the absence of thought, or common sense.

What can we do, you might ask.  How can we overcome this ever-increasing legal, social and moral gravity?  We take responsibility for ourselves and learn to create our lives.  Each day, we should wake up, smile that we’ve survived another day, and say, “Today will be another great day!”  It’s not the power of positive thought, it’s the power of will.  I’m not advocating these pyramid schemes, such as the scam known as “The Law of Attraction”.  I don’t need a gimmick to create my life.  I need to have resolve and force of will.  That is all everyone needs.  There is no magic pill or trick to make you anymore in control of your life than you are.  We choose to be where we are, whether we accept it or not.  We chose to be the way we are.

In November, once again, we will be faced with a challenge.  We must choose the right people to lead us.  This is not ideal, because we should each be our own leaders, but we have not been.  It is a very important decision, this year more than ever, because we are in a downward spiral into the abyss. We must all work together to create a better place, for ourselves and our children.

So I will leave you with this — “Anything you want to, do it.  Wanna change the world?  There’s nothing to it.”