The Little Book of Dreams

The entire Waking Dream Universe is a philosophy; the merging of all my studies of religion and philosophy.  In addition to the novels and short stories, I’ve begun a section of my blog called the Libellus Somnium, the little book of dreams.  It is meant to be the “bible” of the Dreamers in my universe.  If you are interested in a different perspective of our world, you can read it on my page.

Are you a Dreamer, a Sleeper or an Immortal?


Waking Dream

All, I will be eventually retiring this particular blog.  I have a self-hosted blog that revolves around my novels and stories.  If you wish to keep reading my content, please check out my site at

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You can also check out my newly published collection of short stories, Immortal Memories, either in Kindle or Paperback at Amazon

My first book published!

I am happy to announce that my first book has been published and is now available on Amazon as a trade paperback and for the Kindle Software.

The paperback sells for $9.99 and the kindle version for $3.99.

If you are looking for something new and very original, please check it out.

Kindle Version is available at

Print Version is available at