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Michael Hibbard (1970 – ) is originally from New Jersey and he has lived all over the United States, Canada and Germany. He studied at DeSales University in Allentown, Pennsylvania, majoring in English Literature and Theology. For many years, he has studied the major world religion, philosophical disciplines and various branches of physics in a quest to understand the nature of the universe from one unified philosophy — which became the impetus for developing the Waking Dream Universe. The Waking Dream is the culmination of fifteen years of research, studies and collaboration with his son Kyle, in an attempt to describe the ill-understood aspects of our existence, exploring how we as conscious creatures mold the fabric of reality. He has taken so long to publish because the storyline spans thousands of years of history, and explores the centuries of years to come. It is more than just a story, it is an attempt to Awaken the Dreamer within us all, and bring our world to a new way of thinking.

In addition to writing, Michael is addicted to Idiot Guides, armchair physics, books from the early 20th century and collecting things. His hobbies include illustration, gaming of all varieties and playing electric guitar. During the day, he is a program manager for a state agency, and can code in 11 different programming languages.

Michael is a member of the Author’s Guild.

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12 replies on “About Me”

Thank you for following my blog. 🙂
Your blog is really interesting and will be reading more of it :D.

Thank you for following mine 😉 I try to be unconventional. This is one of three blogs about my books and and the universe as a waking dream. I hope you continue to enjoy it 🙂

Hi Michael,

Loved The Way of One! Love the idea that the short story is narrated through an immortal being and that this being in some light reflects how we as authors look at creating worlds. I’ll have to put more of your writing on my wish wish after I work my way through Immortal Memories.

While, I’m here, I was wondering if I could write something for your site? Possibly the way of the weird section. I can send you topics and writing samples of you would like.

Let me know. Either way, I’ll continue to be a fan.

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