Another Unkind Update

Greetings Dreamers,

Today I’d like to just update you with a few upcoming releases.

First, Immortal Memories is just about ready for release.  This is an ancillary book in the Waking Dream Series.  It is a collection of nine short stories, across a variety of genres — paranormal romance, erotica, horror, folk-lore, alternate history, and occult.  This has adult content in it, so it is meant for 18 and up because of the controversial aspects of the story “What Rough Beast”.  This will be available in paperback and in eBook format.

Second, a friend of mine and I are also planning to release a Young Adult book for the Waking Dream Series called, “Getting to Devlin”.  This story is about a young man named Zan who comes home from school one day to find his mother missing.  After some exploration of his house, he finds a strange watch that seems to direct him to a place he’d never heard of and does not exist on any known map.  This is an adventure tale to introduce young adults into the world of the Waking Dream.

I am working on my next horror serial to keep you entertained while I write the next book in the Waking Dream series “The Unkindness”.  As you have probably guessed, I write quite a bit.  The serial stories have not only been a joy to write, but I use them to improve my craft.  By liking or commenting on my posts or stories, I know what people are interested in reading, and whether I am getting better at telling my strange and unusual tales.

Until next time — Make sure you DON’T read The Case Study.  I’ve already had reports that people are becoming unstable as a result.

What do you think?

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