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The Universe (Part 2)

OneGreetings Dreamers!

Continuing with our exploration of the universe, and all its glory, I want to talk about Oneness.  Now you may think that this is not something related to the existence of the universe, but it is its most fundamental aspect.

The universe is an isolated system.  Which means all of the energy — and subsequently matter — is finite.  Which means, no new energy can enter or leave the universe.  It can only change forms, and it constantly does.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Oneness, let us talk about the fundamentals.  Every atom in your body was created by a star. From the carbon that forms all the molecules that make up your cells, to the iron in your blood, to the hydrogen and oxygen that make up the water, to the gold in your wedding band.  Every bit of it was created by a star.  This means, that we are literally made up from the cinders of burning stars.

We gain our energy from sunlight.  All of the energy that drives us in one form or another is derived by the sun directly or indirectly.  We consume plants and animals that are nourished by the sun.  And when they die or we die, we give up that energy for new life to be reborn, and the cycle continues until this planet is no more.  We cannot escape this.  And to think that any one of us is any better than another is plainly and simply wrong.  We all come from the same thing — no matter how much money you have, or what color your skin, or what religion you believe.  We are all connected physically this way.

But now, let us move onto the spiritual or energetic relationship we share.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I believe that all the knowledge and experience we create is shared amongst ourselves.  We are all teachers and students.  We thrive when we are learning from one another and sharing what we know.  This extends far into the past, as we learn from our collective histories, and into the future as we know what is to come.  It is only when we recognize that we are all connected that we can truly shed our differences and embrace each other as kin.

In my last post, I mentioned the existence of a creator, and I wanted to take a moment to discuss that, because our individual perceptions of a creator are as varied as there are people on the planet.  Since I cannot prove nor disprove God, I would never make a statement that there is no God.  I spent most of my life as an application programmer and architect. I know that an application does not write itself, nor can a house design itself.  The variables that define the universe are so exquisitely defined that if just one of them were changed infinitesimally, the universe would not exist at all.  If gravity were just a little strong or a little weaker, nothing would be as it is now.  All our atoms would fly apart, or the universe would crush in on itself.  So, being a programmer, I am willing to say that in the beginning there was an architect, but I cannot tell you whether he is within or without of our system.

But now that the universe exists, and it has balance.  We have become the stewards.  There really is no need for a God figure because we have been given everything we need to exist. And now we all are collectively God, because we are in control of our reality whether we accept the responsibility or not.  Accepting this responsibility is the most difficult thing we humans struggle with.  Some of us accept it openly, while others want to believe that they need guidance by a supernatural entity.  That is not necessary, because we have one another to admonish ourselves when we are wrong, and praise ourselves when we do amazing things.

The glue that makes us One, is that we are connected through a complex web of inter-relations, vis-a-vis, love, compassion.  When we make a friendship, we become connected to the friends of our friends, ad infinitum.  Social Media can show us that we all are connected at nth degrees of separation.  And though I’m not a fan of Facebook, it has shown me that you can follow a trail from one of your friends to just about anyone else on the planet.  It has exposed that we are all truly connected either directly or indirectly.  But I will take a leap and say that we are connected a much more fundamental levels.

Last night, a friend of mine posted this reply in response to my last post.  It is one of the most poignant observations I’ve read and I wanted to share it with you all.

It’s hard for Me – that is, everyone that I am, anyone that I am – to come to terms with being God…but once I know Myself, well, then, I know I am old and young, good and evil, man and woman, sick and healthy, straight and gay, and so on – how could I not have compassion, acceptance, love, and understanding of Myself? – Dr. Erik Andrulis

I urge you to check his blog, because he is on the same path as I am.  And his insights might give you further food for thought.

So today, I will end this post with another question, and I ask you to step out of yourself before answering.  Look at your friendships, your relationships, your family: Do you believe that every human on this planet is connected at a spiritual level or are we just islands in the sea?

8 replies on “The Universe (Part 2)”

Thanks for the props, Michael. Just want to say that I’m no big fan of titles because they make someone out to be “better” or “smarter” than someone without them. I’m no smarter or better than anyone else. We’re all in it together, all on our own paths of exploration and living and experiencing.

As a scientist, I trained for 20 years to be analytical, cynical, skeptical, and so on. When I got into theory, I came to realize that science (as it commonly works and is known) could never solve the mystery of life – part of the solution was to be found in psychology, another part in mysticism, and so on. This was a shock to me.

But not *the* shocks.

The first of *the* shocks came when I proved to myself that I *am* the Universe. The second shock came when I realized that when I am modeling anything, I am modeling myself. And the third shock? Well, that was a doozy. I proved that the “I” that Michael identifies as His own or the “I” of anyone on the planet Earth—or anyone who has ever existed or will exist—is the same “I.” In other words, I = God.

Once I got over those shocks, well, then, I could only sit back and be humbled and uplifted simultaneously. And watch Myself, that is, All that I am, wake up to being the Universe.

Peace on Earth, Ik

And, as I said in my post, no one is better than anyone else. The title was because you worked to earn it, and you deserve the respect for your perseverance. Being an autodidact, I admire that in you.

Second, I read your piece on self-similarity. We are all a reflection of the entire universe. So I can understand your shocks being in a curriculum that teaches that science can answer anything. It cannot, nor can religion. I’ve often pondered if what Einstein called Unification was the unification of religion and science. Perhaps if they were able to unify, we could at least gain a better understanding of the mystery of life.

I’ve come to the conclusion its not meant to be solved, then the game would be over. Once the last piece of the puzzle is placed, what then? Life is a game, and we all pick up a character and play for a time, then start all over again. All we need know are the parameter of the game. And that we all need to play together.

peace, my friend

Yes, I saw, hence the response. A mirror I am.

Oh, the game never ends. It’s ongoing right now. I’m Eternal.

I’m not sure whether its kosher, or of interest, but here’s a link to a paper in which I solved life (well, my colleagues say I’m a crackpot, but none of them has refuted the solution yet):

and that theory was reduced from the complete and consistent theory of the Universe in order to get it published. Basically, the complete theory puts all of the pieces of the puzzle together, proving that I am every character in the game and the game itself. I am One and Many, the Truth, the Absolute, the Way, and so on, just like Plotinus and many great mystics, including Jesus, have proposed throughout history:

If the links aren’t kosher, you can wipe them from the post, that’s fine. I will give a caveat: modeling the Universe ain’t easy; nor is understanding, accepting, and knowing Your Unity, Immortality, and Divinity.

I downloaded your paper last night. And your links are great! I’ll highlight them as well. I loaded your paper to my kindle so I can read it this week. I was very fascinated by your description of your theory on the about me page.

I call “understanding, accepting, and knowing Your Unity, Immortality, and Divinity.” awakening your Weirdness. Its more than just enlightenment. Its about realizing that you ARE the character in the game, and reality is not a limitation, its malleable like clay. And we do that every second of the day on mundane levels — moving a cup from one side of the room to the other is inherently weird when you think about it.

So I approach my day with enjoying each moment. Rather than looking too far down the road, because it is always shifting. And living in each moment brings me joy. And, every new person I meet, like yourself, who believes the universe is a reflection of our wills, makes it all the more better to be alive.

Life is it’s own answer.

such a pleasure to see all the expressions we take in human form! I relish a happen upon your posts to see the view through your words about awakening to our – Weirdness- (so love this!) I feel I’m pulling up my chair to the play dough table – learning to mold in the romper room earth by day and who knows where by night. As this universe reveals to me, the walls of separation between me and other have been thinning, gradually. Looking within and without, feeling the pull, drinking the sun, returning to love/compassion in neat and messy ways again and again. Grateful to you for the MInd Grunge 🙂

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