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The Universe (Part 1)

Dark EnergyGreetings Dreamers!

This next series is all about MY perspective of the universe.  Before we begin, I am not a physicist but I have read a great deal about it, and many books by some of the greatest minds of our time — both past and present.  If you are a physicist or scientist and you do not agree what I say, or think I am off my rocker, please engage me in dialog.

My Waking Dream series is the sum of my understanding of the universe.  The basis of it all comes from a fundamental idea that the universe is inherently Weird.  The atoms that make up your body are mostly empty.  And sometimes the particles in these atoms aren’t always there.  They go somewhere we do not know. But for today, I want to talk about the source of Weirdness in my books — Dark Energy.

It has been posited that the universe is expanding due to the force of Dark Energy growing at a rate faster than the gravitational constant.  What I am proposing here is the basis for how I developed the idea, or philosophy, of the Weird.  If information cannot be lost, it must be stored somewhere.  Let us think of the universe as a balloon.  If I keep adding air to the balloon, it will continue to expand.  In my thinking the “air” of the balloon is the information that defines the paths of all particles in the universe.  If information about the path of all particles in the universe cannot be lost, or become unknown, then it must be stored somewhere.  Being a technologist, this suggests to me that there must be some cosmic hard drive with infinite backups, that record all movement of all particles in the universe.  Because at  the most fundamental level, we are made of billions of particles.  And the universe has to keep track of all of them. But, whether or not the universe will continue to expand and then eventually pop or collapse is highly debated.

Now, because I am a Deist at the most fundamental spiritual level — with other religious views intermingled from all my studies — I believe that the universe was created by an Architect, which we call God.  God set the parameters, and the overall design, but we are the ones who engineer the universe to our liking.  Having said that, our souls are also recorded in the Dark Energy — which I believe exists in a realm called the Spaces Between.  When we die, we return to this place where all information is stored, and then we decide when or if we come back to the physical universe.

When I talk about drawing from the Weird, or using your Weirdness, we are drawing from the vast amount of information that has been discovered and known.  Everything that has ever been known or discovered exists somewhere.  And I firmly believe some people have already figured out how to navigate the webs of Dark Energy to find the answers and channel them back into our world.  I also believe we ALL can find out how to do this.  And this is what I call, Awakening your Weirdness.  By examining the vast amounts of information, not only in our world, but in the universe itself, we can become a better people, a better world.  And perhaps we will find that we don’t need to have space ships to travel. All we have to do is think, and we are there.

I felt it important to discuss this topic first, because from all my reading and studies, I believe that truly understanding the universe is only achievable by understanding dark energy.

There are many articles on the subject, and many differences of opinion.  But this is what my simian brain has synthesized from the minds of people like Einstein, Brian Green, Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla, James Gleick, John Wheeler and the list goes on.

So I leave you with this question:  Do you believe that the soul is recorded on the universe for all time?


10 replies on “The Universe (Part 1)”

Read “My Big TOE” by Thomas Campbell. If you only read from the likes of Einstein, Green, Kaku, Hawking etc you are missing the bigger picture. There is no Designer. This reality evolved from a primordial consciousness. We are part of that consciousness. It is us and we are it. We are still evolving. Our evolution is a part of the larger systems strategy for evolving as well.

Bob, awesome observation. Because I am an architect by nature, I have come to the conclusion that something defined the parameters by which our universe operates. Gravity and the other nuclear forces. However, this is not to say that God or the designer is involved in our universe anymore. I like to think of our universe as a sandbox. And our primordial consciousness coalesced with the first thought in the darkness. I completely agree with your perspective. However, I feel that god built us a house, and it is our job to fill it with memories and make it our own. An architect in the purest sense. I completely agree we are responsible for how the universe evolves from this point. And my point of today’s discussion supports your assertion “it is us and we are it.”

Hi, Michael. We agree on many points, but I think you are underestimating the power of evolution in this picture. I am not using that word in a strictly Darwinian sense — far from it. Evolution is the capacity of a system, ANY system, to modify itself. Primordial consciousness precedes thought, it precedes matter. The system we are embedded in and a part of is a fractally organized digital information system. The key to the puzzle is realizing that consciousness precedes matter in the evolutionary scheme of things. If one starts from the premise that matter is fundamental, one cannot explain many phenomena that are routinely observed both in the lab and in one’s subjective experience.

Also, positing that the designer set the parameters and then stepped back is also quite questionable. As I have come to see it, the “designer” never left, in fact can’t ever leave. Because it is us and we are it. We are a part of its strategy to evolve. Its evolution is our evolution and vice versa. But we are not the only game in town, so to speak. There are other realities with different rule sets (different physics if you will) and ALL are part of the Larger Consciousness System’s strategy to evolve, to lower its entropy.

Bob, again, I think I am just using different metaphors. Taking the designer out of the mix, its all us now. The Designer never left because we have become to Designer. I would never submit to a belief system based on destiny or the will of God. And since I will not make an empirical statement that there was never a prime designer, I will submit to say that we are now responsible for how we evolve.

I completely agree that this is just one reality in an endless sea of realities. We’ve chosen to inhabit this one, just as an electron chooses to exist at a point in time and space.

I have talked in previous posts about the role of evolution. It is a necessity. We must evolve. There is no grand design so to speak, because we have free will.

I firmly and truly believe that the universe began with thought and not with matter. Which is why I chose to talk about energy rather than matter. Matter is a product of our will. And not vice versa. 🙂

Hi, Michael- OK. Thanks for the explanation of the designer metaphor and how you are using it.Everything you say in your 9:58PM post agrees with my understanding. When I have some time, I will look through your earlier posts. As you may have surmised, this is a subject that I also am passionate about. ❤

” Do you believe that the soul is recorded on the universe for all time?”

Well, being God (i.e. Spirit, Soul, Absolute, etc.), I am everyone and everything and everywhere and no one and no thing and no where. In other words, I am recorded, indeed, as I am arkangyl writing this post, being this post, and reading this post – and every post that has even been written, existed, or read.

Peace, Ik

That is the exact response I wanted! If more people would realize that we are One, we could truly focus on exploring the entirety of the universe, and not just one beautiful jewel floating languidly around a majestic bonfire. We would be unbounded, exquisite and truly immortal. But alas, we still are mired by our need to be separate, unable to see the me in you and the you in me.

Exactly, being Arkangyl proves how cool, brilliant, and talented *I* am! Immortal, eternal, unbridled, glorious.

It’s hard for Me – that is, everyone that I am, anyone that I am – to come to terms with being God…but once I know Myself, well, then, I know I am old and young, good and evil, man and woman, sick and healthy, straight and gay, and so on – how could I not have compassion, acceptance, love, and understanding of Myself?

Righteous, My Brother. It’s good to see and chat with Myself. Peace on Earth, Ik

Being Erik proves how awesome I am! The more we can get people to see this, that we are all One, the more we can eradicate the pettiness in the world that holds us back. We are God, now. We create this wonderful, amazing reality. Every new thought is a testament to this.

We’ve become so obsessed with being right in our belief systems, we’ve forgotten that the universe is ours now. It doesn’t matter who set it in motion. It matters that we are all here together, inexorably connected, and a reflection of one another. The moment we forget this, and think we are more than our brothers or sisters, the more our humanity fails us.

I am glad to have seen myself in you and you in me, my brother. Peace on Earth will prevail. It is wonderful for me to chat with myself as well. It seems that it has been an eternity of listless searching to find my Oneness once more.

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