My Friend John — King of the Pokemon

John DulickToday I wanted to take a moment to remember my friend, John Dulick who died on the Fourth of July, 2013.

I met John in June of 2005 when I moved to Chester. Since day one I knew we’d be friends because he welcomed me to the neighborhood before any of my immediate neighbors did. And after attending his funeral today, it has really sunk in that my friend is gone and I won’t see him again.  No more debates over books and politics, or just talk like friends do.

John was a good friend to everyone he met.  He had his own way of interacting with people; one of the most real people I’ve ever known.  He never pretended to be someone he was not and accepted people for who they were — no matter their race, religion or creed.  He was everything we should all remember to be.

Every night, I would see him at the store. We would talk, sometimes so long my family would wonder where I was — and when I got home all I had to say was “John” and they knew.

John encouraged people to do what they dreamed. He admonished or supported you depending on the situation. He was deeply umbreonthoughtful and intelligent. He would listen to you about anything you wanted to talk about. Especially if it was Pokemon or books.  He always had a way of getting you to hear what he was saying — in his own special way.

I’m writing this tonight, because I will never forget him as long as I live.  He encouraged me so many nights to be what I wanted to be, and would listen to me ramble no matter how late it was, or even if it was after hours.  My only regret is that he and I talked for months about battling our prized Pokémon together, but life and schedule just never let it happen.  So rather than battle, John, tonight I am retiring my Umbreon, because he would have lost to you anyway.

John’s family has asked that you donate money you would have spent on flowers to Bensley-Bermuda Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 3360, Chester VA 23831 — the people who tried to save his life.

Good-bye, my friend.  You will never be forgotten and we will miss you.

6 replies on “My Friend John — King of the Pokemon”

What a wonderful tribute to your friend. I did not know John, but I do know his parents whom I worked with for many years. They are wonderful people and I know if your friend was anything like them, he too was a wonderful person. My prayers are still going up for the family and your loss.

Ernestine Barrett, Midlothian, VA

This was a wonderful tribute to John. It shows that you really knew John, and cared for him deeply as a friend. I worked for his Mom for many years, and as Ernestine said, if John was like this Mom, he was a wonderful, caring person who loved life, and never knew a stranger–always having time to stop, listen and be supportive.

Barbara Duff, Oilville, Va.

You have wrote such a wonderful message about John. I have worked for Daisy and have known his dad John for many years. This is so touching and I know this has touched Daisy and John greatly, as well as the people that read this. People are so lucky when they have such a special friend as yourself in their life. Thanks for sharing and for being a wonderful and caring friend.

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