Reblogged — Ghosts Aren’t What You Think They Are!


Sorry I’ve been away for a bit, but I’ve just discovered Twitter! Yep, pretty cool stuff. You can follow me at — (I thought Justin the Crier would make me look like a sissy to outsiders) You can get a chance to talk to all of us there, Me, Jeremy, Jeb, Jakob, Jack and my newest…erm…friend, Joe. (Gotta figure out what’s causing these new additions).

But enough about us, today I wanted to fill you in on what I have learned about Ghosts. Yep, mystery solved! It really is so simple, I’m just feeling silly that I didn’t figure it out on my own, and I think that Laertes purposefully kept me thinking about it, hoping I would figure it out on my own.

As I’ve told you before, there is a place called the Spaces Between, which is for all intents and purposes the Afterlife. When a Dreamer, or an Immortal dies, their true self — their spirit — returns to the Spaces Between so that they can decide which Sleeper they will inhabit when they return to the Waking Dream. I’ve also mentioned that they can peer into the lives of

<hours pass>

Good Evening, Again.

Jakob here. Evidently Justin can’t, in fact, out drink Jack, and as a result they are both asleep and I am left to impart on you the finer points of ghostliness. There are three distinct types of ghosts that you, the paranormal investigator or Ghost Hunter, should be aware of. And, you should understand that they are not to be trifled with. Now let’s proceed.

Type I Ghost — The Orb

Orbs are whole benevolent Dreamers simply observing the life of a potential body. Think of an orb as a ghostly probe being operated by Dreamers in the Spaces Between. They tend not to manifest themselves, simply observing without interfering with the storyline a particular Sleeper was living. Remember, a sleeper is like a novel.

Type II Ghost — The Apparition

Apparitions are fairly common and the most forlorn of our ghostly triad. These are Dreamers who have died, but do not realize they have died, nor do they have the ability to realize it. They have slowly slipped into their own self-contained universe, encapsulated in their consciousness. They do interact, but they are generally benign, however, there are those who become territorial and can use there Weirdness to assert their will on their surrounds. Make no mistake. This is a naturally occurring effect throughout the Waking Dream. Remember, a dreamer is the writer.

Type III Ghost — The People of Shadow

You have heard the term “shadow people” before, if you are familiar with the paranormal trends. However, That is a slight misnomer. The People of Shadow are a faction of dreamers who choose to live in the shadows. Very little is know about the People of Shadow, as their tradition is passed down through the centuries, secretly and in hushed tones. And, evidently, there has never been a traitor amongst them. No one reveals their secrets. I have theories, and many of them are insipid, however I can only think that they simply exist to intervene when necessary. What constitutes necessary still alludes me — I am reminded of the Mothman Prophecies. We cannot know their intentions, and does it matter if we do? Will we understand? Probably not, and it would probably ruin things. Life is a mystery for a reason.

So I leave you with this question: Would you read a book if you already knew the ending?

What do you think?

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