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How to Change the World (Part 2)

TimeGreetings Dreamers!

In my last post I discussed shedding our fears and learning to be friends.  And I am lucky that I have friends in my life that support the things I do.

Today I am going to discuss living in the moment, because in order for us to truly change the world is to change our own lives.  The society is the reflection of each individual, and if the majority of us are not able to love ourselves, or our lives, then we cannot love each other.  Living in the moment allows us to shed our petty pursuits, and focus on what is happening right now.  This is not to say that we shouldn’t do some sort of planning for the future, but if we become obsessed with looking forward, we forget to look around.  Life is not about acquiring things.  Life is about acquiring those special moments that make us happy, and these moments will carry you happily along through your life.  Life will not always be good moments, but every moment has a little lesson wrapped up inside.

I have many moments that I remember going back to my early childhood.  I have some good and some bad.  But I’ve learned my lessons from the bad moments, and then I let them go.  The bad things that happen to us, if we hold onto them too long, or think about them constantly, form a cancer on the soul, making it harder and harder to for us to have good moments.  We don’t know what will truly happen from moment to moment.  Anything in the universe is possible, though some things are more probable than others.  You cannot know that you will be here tomorrow, so you should do everything in your power to savor today.

I’ve had more good moments than bad when I finally realized all of these things.  There are surely bad moments, but I leave those behind, adjusting my path, and create a better moment. Our world has had terrible moments, that we must learn from and move forward.  We’ve had and are in wars.  We’ve done terrible things to entire races of people.  We’ve done terrible things to the planet.  We must learn from every single one of these moments, then let them go.  Hopefully those moments haven’t set a path from which we cannot stray.  We must move forward, and we just haven’t done so.

I’ll share a recent moment in the form of a poem, because it made me smile and shows the value of my previous post.

Meeting an Imp!

I have a friend, who stands on his head and thinks on his feet,
who understands what I’ve said, and that’s quite a feat!
He created and wrote a lovely, heartfelt poem,
about the twitter friends with whom he’s played.
Though I’d only just met his other friends and him,
I was shocked and honored that I’d been included.
Many wonderful moments captured forever in rhyme,
and now it is published for the entire world to see.
His lyrics are now embedded in the history of time
read it and see how amazing the world can be.

You can read his poem at the following link.  Give him a shout on twitter if you get a moment.  Friends — by Gongle Shanks

So I’ll leave you with this question, so it’s not always me talking.  A dialogue must be started so we can all join in and change the world.

Can you tell me a single brief moment that changed your life for the better?

11 replies on “How to Change the World (Part 2)”

I’m sorry that you had to go through that. I’ve gone through that myself, and it is very scary. I’m sure you had people to help you make it through, and you will find someone to share your life with 🙂

No, no… it changed me for the better… you know, “a single brief moment that changed your life for the better?”… well that was one… a big one… but also a big ‘better’… 🙂

Okay, I just realized you were responding to a different post! I thought you had posted this comment to the fear post. That’s what I get for answering replies from my phone 🙂

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