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The Weirdness Experiment

My Weirdness ExperimentRe-blogged from Way of the Weird

For those of you who are new to understanding and finding your weirdness, I have a little experiment for you to consider.

There are so many things that we do not understand in our universe, and when you awaken to the fact that the world is just a waking dream, it may be hard to suspend your disbelief. That is the key to it all, you must believe what you previously were not to believe. We as humans tend to block out the unexplainable, such as ghosts, psychic ability, prescience, witchcraft, Wicca and other aspects of the occult. The word occult, comes from the Latin word occultus, which means hidden, secret or clandestine. It has been hidden because not everyone should possess ability to practice the occult, especially sleepers. The journey for the Dreamer is to find what has been hidden. This is not to say that it will be easy — finding your own particular weirdness is part of the journey.

Now to the experiment. Here are a few easy steps to just begin:

1) Suspend your disbelief and think on what occult ability you may have. Can you read auras? Can you commune with Spirits? Feel drawn to learning the Tarot? Want to try your hand at Voodoo? You can choose a few if you like, but, it is always better to be excellent at one thing, rather than marginal in a few things.

2) Pick up a journal that you keep to yourself. This experiment can be done solitary or with another known Dreamer you trust, but you should always keep your thoughts hidden from others on your progress. Disbelief by others can affect the outcome of your own learning. Sleepers and unawakened Dreamers will roll their eyes at you, or fear you. This will only hinder your learning.

3) Once you’ve chosen your particular experiment, first you should get a guidebook on the area you’ve chosen. Idiot guides are by far the best and cheapest way to find out if a particular area of interest is up your alley, and whether you have the patience and focus to pursue it. Like any skill, Weirdness must be honed and it take time. If you are easily frustrated, you may never master your weirdness. It will not happen overnight, or it may, it really depends on how strongly you believe.

4) After you’ve read about the flavor of Weirdness that appeals to you most, gather your materials and start small. Again, even if you are interested, you may find that something is not quite for you, so it is smart to start small then grow your craft as you become more adept at using your Weirdness. Some simple areas you can start with that are cheap and readily available are: Aura Reading, Alchemy, Tarot Reading and Communing with Spirits.

5) Once you’ve begun to practice, you should keep careful notes on how you achieved certain effects. I suggest writing daily. Write down everything that seems to be out of the ordinary and trust your intuition. Suspend your disbelief on a daily basis. The Weird acts as subtly as a ripple in a pond, so you may more may not notice it immediately, depend on the size of the pebble tossed into the still waters of your Weirdness. Pay attention.

There are many places in the world where you can go to learn from others, but above all, the best place to visit to explore all of the possible Weirdnesses in the world is New Orleans. A city of Dreamers hidden in plain sight, and the most powerful center of concentrated Weirdness on the planet. I highly suggest that you visit it at least one time in your life. It was the place I awakened, simply because the experience was so overwhelming.

I will speak again soon
The Crier

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