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The Seers in the Darkness

As many awakened Dreamers may have noticed, their ability to manipulate the Waking Dream has increased dramatically. We can only speculate that the events that transpired a few short months ago released an enormous amount of Weirdness into our world, making our abilities perform more profoundly. As a result, a new lost book has been rediscovered by Laertes, an ancient scroll that predates the Christian era, and was written in the Language of the Weird.

Over the past few weeks, Laertes was able to translate the document into something useful, which adds a new wrinkle to the events transpiring in the world today. A whole new group of Dreamers has emerged from the Weird, and we are unsure what their intentions are. However, this new revelation, “The Book of Seers“, has given us even more to think about.

There are so many things we have been blind to over the course of human history. We have allowed ourselves to be lulled into blissful ignorance by the banality of the Sleepers, so much so that there are so few of the Dreamers who have actually Awakened to assist in the impending war. However, The Book of Seers conveys the story of an order of Dreamers who have an amazing ability to see the complex fabric of the Weird — which most of the rest of us cannot see, no matter how powerful.

I urge you to read this new addition, as it contains possible clues to the nature of the Waking Dream and the origin of the Weird itself.

We will speak again soon.

The Crier

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