Hugo: Experience It

My whole life I have been an avid fan of the cinema.  In recent years, the calibre of movie has declined dramatically, in my opinion.  This is partly due to the overuse of special effects and CG — lacking any truly original story or content.  My opinion is further supported by the fact that studios are “re-releasing” and “re-making” films, rather than looking for original stories that have not yet been brought to the big screen.

Usually, I get to the theatre in time to see the coming attractions, and I could not have been more disappointed in the prospects for this holiday season.  Re-releasing Titanic, Beauty and the Beast and all the Star Wars films; re-making Snow White, Muppets and Footloose.  (Footloose remade?  Who watched that very dated 80’s film and said “We should remake this movie!”)  I know that we have not run out of ideas, Hollywood has just become lazy.  There are so many works of fiction that have never been released as movies, we should never be remaking or rereleasing anything.  So many classics, fantasy novels and science fiction to choose from.

I must admit that I was very doubtful in spending the money to see Hugo.  The advertisement for the film does not at all truly convey what the story is about, and misleads one to think its something along the lines of Narnia or the Polar Express.  This is not the case at all.  This is a wonderful story about the brilliance of Georges Melies, the visionary Parisian director from the early 20th century, intermingled with a heart-warming tale focused on an orphan searching for his purpose.

I chose to see the film in 3D, as I thought it would be more of a fantasy story.  In retrospect, had I know the subject matter before going to the film, I would not have seen it in 3D, however, I am delighted that I saw this film with the full 3D experience.  The views of Paris, the environments, the dreams — all of it was masterfully woven by the unique vision of Martin Scorsese.  In my opinion, this movie should be viewed as one of his crowning achievements, because unlike all of his other films, this is a movie that can be adored and enjoyed by everyone.  (I saw this movie with my 7-year old daughter who was equally stunned by the movie).

I think I would do an injustice to the film to try to explain it, or dissect it.  Hugo is simply a movie to be experienced.  For all of us who’ve ever felt discarded, forgotten, lost or lonely, this movie will remind you that we’re all in this together.

2 replies on “Hugo: Experience It”

The movie itself runs a bit long at 127 minutes, but Hugo is worth every minute for the visual feast it provides, and features Scorsese in probably his most delightful and elegant mood ever, especially with all of the beautiful 3-D. Good review. Check out mine when you can.

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